What does my last resort expression mean? ‘Fishing used to strike me as a last-resort sport, a pastime I might take up later in life, along with quilting.’ ‘Surgery for morbid obesity is usually the last-resort intervention in patients who have tried all other weight-reduction treatments.’ ‘Opening the chest cavity is a last-resort measure.’ Synonyms for last resort include ace in the hole, card up one's sleeve, dernier ressort, last expedient, last hope, last resource, pis aller, recourse, resort and … of last resort a weapon of last resort in the last resort British English Economic sanctions will be used only in the last resort. Because originally the song was about a friend of ours that we grew up with, and he was going through a rough time in his life. Ted from Boston, Ma It is truely about everywhere in our great Country, and our lose of values. As a last resort definition: If you do something as a last resort , you do it because you can find no other way of... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples In most jurisdictions, the state's court of last resort is called the supreme court. In our interview with Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach, he told us that "Last Resort" was so popular because the meaning of the track struck a note with fans: "I think the lyrics had a lot to do with it. The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the 2000 film Ready to Rumble and appeared on Papa Roach's second studio album, Infest, shortly after. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. "Last Resort" is a song by rock band Papa Roach. 1 Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill’s American Idioms Dictionary. It sounded like a classical music piece, but we put it on the guitar, gave it that beat, and I remember our manager heard it through the wall and he barged through, like, ‘Play that again, man! my last resort phrase. This is one of my most favorite lyrics. To steal someones most prized possession after gettting your ass kicked to the point of crying by that person. Definition of my last resort in the Idioms Dictionary. “The Last Resort”, in the words of Don Henley, is a song about “how the West was lost”. "Last Resort" was released as the album's lead single and reached number 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100.It also topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for seven weeks and became a top-ten … that was sick!’ The Last Resort is an amazing tale of "how the Whiteman's reign" began to crush hopes and dreams of humanity. This name differs in some jurisdictions, however. Last Resort: A court, such as the U.S. Supreme Court, from which there is no further appeal of a judgment rendered by it in review of a decision in a civil or criminal action by a lower court. … From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English last/final resort last/final resort FAIL what you will do if everything else fails as a last resort Drug treatment should only be used as a last resort. Meaning of Idiom ‘Last Resort’ The last resort is a final action or effort to achieve something when everything else fails; a coarse of action to be taken only when nothing else succeeds; a final hope. The first time the Last Resort riff came around, Tobin [Esperance, bass] was playing it on piano.