Now I’m trying to ignore her when she is crying, I’m not making eye contact, not talking to her, and I walk away when she is crying. He started this behavior some four or five months ago and I can’t fathom why. And will sit there and meow. I’m at my wits end. This is much softer than her incessant meowing. For instance you may start by giving treats every 3-5 seconds for 5-10 treats, and then increasing the interval to 7 seconds and then 10 seconds and then 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds. She’ll get a complete 6 month exam very soon. A few months went by and it was bliss, finally getting a proper nights sleep, and we would feed him as soon as we woke up, as soon as he would hear our alarm, he would know it’s time for breakfast. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. We recently moved house, both my cats were stressed in the old house as anther cat kept getting in … I'm newwwwwwwwwwwww. - Duration: 27:29. This issue can be one of the hardest to break and most annoying for cat owners. However, every day he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts going crazy on all of the blankets and clawing/biting my legs. Apply to be an Expert. he starts meowing… really loud… he’s not a small cat… he has an extremely powerful megalodontic meow! It happens when she’s hungry & after she eats. For the last 4 or 5 months now, i swear she is trying to ... Read more on Netmums It happens at night. That is, if you rewarded her every time she meowed, and pretty quickly, and then stopped rewarding, that meow behavior might stop pretty fast. Cat driving me insane! He goes quiet for a bit then starts again. My first thought is to go to the vet. 1 decade ago. Now she knows, even though she doesn’t get rewarded some times, if she tries really hard, she’ll get rewarded at other times. Can you give any advice? How can this technique apply to a cat who meows and claws at our bedroom door for food and attention at 6am – 7am in the morning while we’re still in bed? I am happy to follow the rewards system described. : I thougjt it got better, but not really. I can’t get her in a cat carrier she has recently acted like a wild cat when I try to put her in a carrier. I try squirting water at her from a spray bottle, she hates it. You can do this once she is starting to understand that sitting quietly gets treats and can hold still and quiet for at least 5-10 seconds. She is also a very active cat. They are both old, about 12 yrs. I simply don’t know what to do anymore. It is driving me and my husband insane to the point that we keep her in the garage most of the time. He was fixed at 5 months and never got to kitty puberty. She has plenty of food & toys & I do give her attention. It’s so frustrating, I just don’t even know what to do anymore. My cat is driving me insane!!! I train her that she can get food rewards that I dispense if she sits quietly. Wow. I need help! Hello Doc! I’m losing my mind!! He was born on April 26, 2017, so still a very young cat. my cat is meowing for food, but I’ve already fed her twice the amount she usually has. My other cat (6 yrs old), Zeus is very quiet . She whines as soon as she sees me which sets her sister off. 3. Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me to figure out how to get rid of the cat's fleas. Answer Save. She howls all night long! She whines whilst I’m getting ready for work, then as soon as I’m home it starts again. she gave birth 2 months ago . Did you read the article? Wait … just connected something – could she have a sense of smell issue? That howling is to go outside and mate again!! Maybe some dementia…. Then back up one step but hurry and return to her and reward her with a treat before she gets up. It really only started when he came around. I know that these great tips will help many cat owners to improve their relationships and interactions with each others. 12 Answers. He is a Himalayan Siamese cat. If I take her off me she howls. We have tenabts upstairs and he just screams all through the night, All day, and all night long. SHE IS STILL DOING IT!! Click the bold links in the article to support our content! Cats are very consistant and mine always alerts me to his dinner time if I’m not watching the clock. I know behavior mod (psychologist) and it doesn’t work on him. The world lost a valuable pet expert on that day. I have 7 cats and a dog. It’s even worse if you ignore her for a little while and then finally give in because then she learns that she has to meow longer and harder to get your attention. He wakes us up at 5:30am daily by just meowing really loud until someone gets up. And I know he’s not comfortable. (kittens, eating, male) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! He wanders the house screaming and never stops, and he is absolutely Shredding every piece of furniture in the house.and its all new. Up to now no complaints have reached my ears. This Kitten Is Driving Me INSANE!!! About 2 months ago she started going into heat and yowling and meowing for hours and hours and a few days ago I spayed her. When she is being quiet then I try to give her attention….but it’s so hard! Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by vinny, Oct 14, 2008. his food bowl is in the LR atm (where i have issues with him). But when we had him neutered in March of this year, his yowling is driving us mad. Understand that the cat’s ancestor, the African wildcat, is mostly nocturnal. If he does come in he stays in a bathroom with a bed and all his food and a litter box because he will attempt to give the birds in their cages a heart attack if he stays loose. Your email address will not be published. My cat will not stop meowing and pacing around the house. I have a 3 year old Calico who seems very jealous of my boyfriend. “Cat’s driving me crazy” has become a theme I see on social media. sir im so happy from your information.i am student of Thanks a lot Dr. I tried pheromones, reassurance, ignoring her.. nothing works. If I put her outside the room she claws the door. Help, My Kitten is Driving Me Crazy! He will come through the cat flap and screech until he sees me, he will screech all through the night until I get up to see him. Hi all, i have a lovely cat called Sherbert, who is 5 yrs old. she was trying to get at it all day and every time she came close to it i would flick her with my finger. Erin, the problem is that by giving Sami attention to get her to be quiet, you’ve actually spent months rewarding her for meowing! She has been to the Vet. The female is 4 1/2 years old and is a retired breeder and the male is 1y4m. i posted a question on my cats greediness before yesterday. For fragile things I just broke down and bought a display cabinet. It helps in general to be aware of the sort of space a cat takes up and needs for leaping and organizing your counter- and table- and bureau-top surfaces accordingly. And once she’s sitting continue to reward quiet sitting before she starts meowing again. Sophia Yin, DVM She just wanders around the house and meows nonstop. releasing him outdoors to run off his restlessness isn’t an option either, as my neighbors have cats (that he would infect). I have had my rescue cat for a little over 2 months. It’s not a talkative friendly cry, it’s a desperate sounding cry for attention. Thanks a million for any forthcoming answer. I have tried te ignoring and treating system but it is impossible especially with all the others. My cat is driving me nuts. And I am stuck inside with her due to quarantine. We get no sleep at night.i literally sleep with a spray bottle in my hand and get woken up a legitimate 100+ times a night. My kitten is driving me insane. Let us know in the comments below! Sounds like he's he also needs play time. I get up to let him in but he doesn’t come!! To train sit, as soon as Sami sits, get the food reward up to her face in a manner that allows her to remain seated. p.s: she is still loud when she wants to call the kitties but as soon as I say sus she blinks .her ears goes back and she gets quiet . it ends only when he no longer see’s me. Ugh…. H-E-L-P. Both long haired. I’ve tried so many different things….I’ve tried giving her attention first thing in the morning, playing with her, cuddling with her, but even if I play with her for 30 minutes I have to get ready for work and she cries the whole time I’m getting ready. I've spoken to the vet before about the behavior, but the behaviorist was cost prohibitive. he usually sleeps in bed with me (next to my feet – he loves the smell of feet!). She kept me up ALL night last night. Another option is to set it where she’ll find it when she’s not paying attention at about the same time [possibly by another person if she’s following you around]. I know everyone’s stuck on behavior modification. He just came back from a check up with the vet and checked out perfect. Pretty much any time my husband isn't around he does this. City-Data Forum > General Forums > Pets > Cats: This black cat is driving me insane! I can however open the door n ignore him until he quiets down. This is for entertainment purposes. he’s even driven me out of my mind once or twice to the point where I’ve lost my temper and ran after him or shouted at him. We’re going crazy! I've tried spray bottles with him before, and it doesn't work. She is extremely well behaved, so should i reward her at the same time as i do her brother? Ive taken her on leash walks and they say if you do that never let them walk out the door themselves, carry them that way they learn the only way to go out is being carried by you. hope this helps you My cat is 16 yrs old and has lost most of her hearing. as soon as he wakes up (at around 15), he goes to the LR and starts circling around meowing for food, like normal cats (nothing extreme). He thinks every thing i open he thinks it’s his treats. but of sometimes you get up quickly and other times you wait a long time, she learns that sometimes she might have to meow and meow a long time to get you to get up. They allow us to create unique educational materials to empower both pet-care professionals and pet owners. I can't have double sided tape and tinfoil everywhere and still use the space. When did you get here?” It’s the weird thing. Her kittens have gone to their new home, and sometimes the cries change to a deeper cry. Hello, I have a similar problem but different circumstances. CattleDog Publishing takes scientific principles of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and accessible for everyday use. Young cats under one year of age in particular can drive their owners crazy from sleep deprivation! Good point! Give her a “halt” signal with your hand. If you want to train her to be quiet, first reward a lot of quiet sits, meaning like 20-50 over the course of several days. If he continues to go on the counter you can try sssscat. I couldn't tell you how many times I've gotten him off the counters. I have started feeding her wet food (3×20 spoonfuls) doing quiet sit. I love animals, I have had cats & dogs most of my adult life & I don’t want to give her up but I feel like I have no other choice. When I go to bed, he always comes and sleeps up against me and it's pretty cute. I just read an article that says I can train her to be quiet with treats & cat food. if this works, i’ll come back here and tell you about it. Have an 8th month old that doesn’t let me, my girlfriend and my roommate sleep. Tags: cat, cat behavior, cat sit, cat training, cat vocalizations, cats, constant meowing, extinction, learn to earn, meow for attention, meowing, remove rewards for unwanted behavior, rewarding behavior, sit for attention, teach quiet, train sit. The procedure was ok and after 3 days she was just like before, running and jumping and playing and… meowing. He is also very hissy. Try SSSCAT automatic air spray for the counters, though frankly I don't bother and just clean the counter before using it. Cuz he’s pretty persistent and can meow for hours, n in the morning I just can’t wait that long for him to stop in order for me to open the door as I need to leave for work. and since she gave birth she built the mewoing habbit. Your email address will not be published. She cries all the time I’m home, all night and I just need to sleep…. Currently my 4yo cat is confined to another bedroom at night when we r sleeping in our own mbr, but I can still hear his meows 1 hour before (or more) we wake up. The cat and kittens came to my apartment. Try putting him outside. I have gave in 600pm he wount STOP mewowing!!!! By approaching this problem in a systematic manner so Sami can understand that quiet behavior is what earns attention, you’ll be able to turn the meowing noise off in just several days. She would be relatively quiet while I feed her! Day long and night long he meows endlessly. Meow! Thanks in advance! Every time you give in, especially if you do so on a variable schedule, you strengthen the behavior exponentially. It’s literally like you are talking about my cat. She was very sick- we had to bottle feed her for a few weeks even. How to Stop Cats from Howling at Night and Driving You Crazy Who let the cats out? My house is a bit more catified than cat proofed. He is healthy, eating the same as always, getting attention, exercise, play time, everything. My cat is driving me nuts. Some cats will be very vocal if they are agitated or excited such as when they see another cat outside or a bird. but this results in him meowing even louder! I love this cat, but he's driving me crazy. What do you think? My kitten is driving me insane. … read more My cat is driving me insane, please help!!!! I have one male cat who is 8, given up by someone else. She has always been a very talkative cat, which I liked. everyone has been telling me to ignore him when he does this. She doesn’t like being handled either. Any help is appreciated. He's a sweet cat most of the time, but he is driven to get his way. He never stops wandering the whole house. get cat trees, cut holes in cardboard boxes, look into puzzle feeders. Nothing seems to work. she keeps jumping on kitchen counters, kitchen table, couches, scratching our kitchen chairs, and this morning I found her on my baby's play pen. I love her dearly but she's honestly testing my patience severely She's 14 years old, we've had her since she was 12 weeks. We tried to ignore but his meows get louder and longer. Wow, I can’t believe how many people are going through the same thing. if i get off the couch… that’s when it all starts. My cat has always been a talkative animal, but her insistent meowing has been worse recently than ever before. I resonate with a lot of these comments. Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose behavior problems over the internet. Show Less. She runs away. She is half her weight which is only 8 lbs in her best of times. I love her & we have bonded but I can’t get past the constant meowing. She has recently started meowing constantly almost non stop. I just don’t know what a good night’s sleep is anymore. She follows us around and cries at our feet until we pay attention to her. I have gotten to the point of almost hatred toward my cat…..I believe that it probably is a health issue but I can’t afford all of the testing that they want to do on Carla….she is about 14 yrs old and I am at my wits end…..ALL night in and out….I have to get up to let her in and let her out….I NEED REST! He loves mauling loaves of bread. look into working more interactive play time in (ie get a Cat Dancer!) He just never shuts up! I have Rosie, a 10 year old diabetic cat who gets insulin injections twice a day and is regulated and seemingly healthy. The issue is that he is very loud and it's become really bad lately. The goal is to always give treats before she starts meowing or getting up. So long as they aren't spooked, cats can catwalk around your belongings instead of displacing them. By Joe Sharkey. for what it’s worth our other cat passed away recently. She meows day and night. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (The neighbors have now asked if it was my cat) finally When he does come in he sleeps for an hour and yells to be let back out!! The cats can get food out of it when they want to by sticking their paws up and grabbing food out of it. I've tried yelling at him and squirting him with the water bottle and he will not stop!! He's a sweet cat most of the time, but he is driven to get his way. It's National Pet Peeve Week (seriously), an appropriate time to look at annoying cat behavior and pretty simple ways to correct much of it. Simple childproof locks for your pantry and no food left out is easy. All his tests are fine. Hi. I have a 2 year old female cat who is absolutely lovely. I have had cats for 50 years but never one like this and I just can’t take care of him anymore. I am also going to look at Manner’s Minder for the morning! And i have all kinds of toys for him. Your’s truly, It depresses me to come home 5 days a week and have to smack my cat because he's been on the couch. The whole reason we got that cat was they are supposed to be chill and totally quiet. Her food bowl is always full. Kids Say the Darndest Things 26 | Kids Say (Best Of!) Help? She can open doors. Best of luck. As a follow-up on the progress I have been making with my cat Zoe. About 2 months ago, my boyfriend decided to pick out a new kitten... A little white ball of fur named Navi. so much that my neighbors came to my door to see what is happening . My 7 month old kitty will start meowing/yowling from around 3am, but whenever i look at her or respond, she’ll stop. I have bells hanging on the front door that he rings because he wants to go out at night and stay out even though I open the door to let him back in several times. I’m going crazy myself. If he isn't feeling well, that would be missed and cats are notorious for having injuries for long periods of time without showing symptoms besides behavior. so about 6 months ago, i picked up a rescue cat which was about to be put down. She is in heat, she really isn't mine. If I take her off me she howls. Sami has always been much quieter when living in a household with another cat, but now Sami cries constantly, anytime my boyfriend or I are home. anyway today I started to give her treat only when she is quiet also when I want to pet her ( I say sus and put my index on my nose) thanks to this trick she is not just became sooo quiet in seriously 2 seconds also she automatically sits. Answered in 5 minutes by: 12/30/2006. It’s constant whining and only way I can get peace is put her outside. i have no clue what i’m doing wrong… this isn’t my first cat either. I'm considering letting him be indoor/outdoor, but I know how dangerous it can be for cats. I have NEVER heard that you can train a cat to do anything. and louder! I don't want to make spanking my cat a ritual after school. But after each walk we have 2-3 days of non stop howling so we stopped taking her out. It is nice that everyone is keeping her work going and helping each other out. I know my other cat disobeys that rule, too, but she is more graceful about it and doesn't scatter paper to the four winds or knock over dishes in the sink. Free Downloads: Posters, Handouts, and More. My cat is driving me insane. probably not an option but if he had another high-energy cat to play with that might take care of most of the issues. Hello! He doesn’t actually bite, but he hisses and shows his teeth. Been to vet lots of times but nothing wrong. You can even teach her this patience ahead of time by having her eat out of the MannersMinder bowl during the day but with her kibble coming quickly at first but slowing down more and more such that her meal takes her a long time. It’s sad and also drives me nuts. Don’t go by what some vet is telling you on the internet. meowing hours on end. I love her but her meowing is driving me crazy. I would take her to get spayed myself but I can't afford it, I am out of work and he just keeps on and on putting it off. I got him at 8 weeks. Thanks for the update. Whenever we went to bed at night, so did she. I live next to an inn and live worried that his noises may disturb the guests. Everyone, Dr. Yin passed away back in 2014 so you won’t be getting a response from her. We’ve tried everything we could to keep her quiet, but it never works. Sleep deprivation is making us all very grouchy. If I can’t correct this behavior I’ll have to give away for adoption. To train her to follow you, take a few steps. He also does it when he's at work. From day 1 she is a “talker” & I am now getting back in touch with the rescue to relinquish custody. Also make sure the treats or kibble are small enough so she finishes each one in just one or two bites. Sounds like a really good way of training that cat. I have a 13 year old black indoor out door cat. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all … It’s out of his control. have had plenty and never experienced this before. Sometimes she seems to be wanting it in the morning too, but the evening is worse. But for the last few months, he’s been waking up at 5am and howling and banging his body against the gate and scratching the carpet, the only thing that shuts him up is to get up and feed him. Now he is upstairs in another room and still howls and I have bad arthritis in my body and can’t keep climbing the stairs. There have been no recent changes in his life. I have tried to give her tons of attention and when she cries I pick her up and talk to her…but it always continues, she always wants more and more….and I just don’t have time!!! You should NOT be owning a cat if you want to remove his or her voice for your own comfort. But then he stalks and attacks my 6 year old stepdaughter entirely unprovoked, so when she's in the house, I have to lock up the cat. She waunders throughout my apartment meowing, meowing, meowing. A person I know gave me her cat and litter of kittens…after she decided not to keep her. I have a 4 months old cat. I cannot sit down or lie in bed, or he will find some reason for me to get up and do something for him. but today she MEOWED for food but i have already given her twice the amount she usually has. She should be on this step by the end of day 1 or 2. You can also try tinfoil sheets taped to the edge and sticking over (they don't like to jump to places they can't see). Is that advisable? I can’t train her with treats because of her diabetes. I do my best to wait for a quiet moment, but they don’t seem to come. After an hour or a couple of hours he comes out purring. It’s the only time she howls – when she’s in another room with no one there. but getting another cat isn’t possible (he has FiV and Feulv… the 2nd cat would need to have the same diseases…. I really hope this is a joke. appointment with a behaviourist but I don’t have much hope. It doesn’t necessarily bother me but I just feel bad. Four years ago I moved In with my boyfriend and his male cat. She would constantly meow when he would stay over and if we kicked her out of the room, she would claw the carpet. If I lock her outside the room, when I open it in the morning she goes “meow meow meow meow meow” with no break just a constant whine. My question is, I know I’m supposed to ignore his meows before he gets his food, but what about opening the door to let him out of the room? It happens when I’m in the rest room. Good luck! They are motion activated air cans that startle the cat without hurting it. Now she has an acceptable behavior that works for getting food (and attention–e.g. I let him come at some nights and put my other cat in a room. We try and ignore him, and lay there listening to him howl until our alarm goes off, but now he keeps waking our little boy up. I tell her “shhhhh be quiet” but nothing shuts her up. why is she doing this? Close. I got him almost a week ago. She consistency meows, gotten worse in the last few years although she had KD much longer and constantly wants to sit on me like Velcro Cat, when she was independent and didn’t liked being patted and would let you know by snarling. Dr. Yin was a Veterinarian, Animal Behaviorist, Author, and internationally renown expert on Low Stress Handling™. He still doesn't get it. I don’t let cats out because I live on the third floor, near a main road and bird sanctuary. She can meow and almost howl for the entire evening for her dental treat. I’ve tried ignoring but it doesn’t work. “MEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!”). But this is EVERY NIGHT. it sucks. A visit to your veterinarian and a bloodtest can rule this out as a contributing factor. 15 replies 1.6K views TrickyNiki Forumite. Hi, I’m at my wits end and need some help. She’s a good eater, asks to sit on my lap, kneads, sleeps above my pillow, enjoys catnip and likes to play (I could play with her more often). Can a vet take his voice out? We ignore her and have been using ear plugs, but have not been consistent with getting up after she stops meowing to feed her and get ready for work. She won't stop whining and rubbing against my hair and pulling it. When she follows and sits then reward the quiet, polite behavior. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Lucky87 PetForums Newbie. he doesn’t really like playing (except between 4-5am, when he runs after shadows and small insects – he’s about 4yo – i think). He still doesn't get it. Yesterday morning I found her sleeping with my baby...yes in HER CRIB!! I’m sending out this SOS because I´m going quite desperate with my siamese cat. She's alw Try the treating for quiet she suggests. I’ve had her since she was born. Hello! Any advice would be really appreciated! But she just won’t shut up. She is my bf's cat. Every night when my husband goes to bed my cat walks around yowling and screaming for hours. I plan to try to give it to her in the early evening before she begins begging for it, but I’m thinking she’ll just beg for a second one, which she cannot have. But it's fine. Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right, Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn: Dr Yin's Program for Developing Leadership in Humans and Impulse Control in Dogs (Packet of 10 Booklets), Low Stress Handling® Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats, How to Greet a Dog (Packet of 10 Booklets), Dog Aggression: From Fearful, Reactive & Hyperactive to Focused, Happy & Calm, Skills for Handling Your Reactive or Hyperactive Dog - Part 1: Essential Exercises, Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease (Low Stress Handling Seminar). Put trash away or tie up the can so he can't knock it over. Help, My Kitten is Driving Me Crazy! Our cat is fourteen years old, and well really, he is my husband's cat since he pre-dates both me and the kids, and hubby had had him since he was a kitten. My cat is driving me insane | TheCatSite; My cat is approximately 19 years old. I am going absolutely mad! It is expensive, but to be frank, this is the cost of having a pet – they are your baby. It’s also a good idea to teach her that the word “quiet” means she gets no attention. (laser, siamese, stomach) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I have a male cat he name is Bob..he is three yrs old and fixed..has plenty of toys and a sister/ mom(fixed) plays day n night with them as well..the past four months he been meowing reason…hubby has taken him outside with him.Bob stays with never runs off.He lays on the hallway railing all the time and just meows.I don’t want to run to a vet..any suggestions? This site allows you to use home automation to have fun at someone else's expense. it’s clear that he wants attention. Please help - Cat Fleas iiterally driving me insane . after food, he wants attention. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I get no sleep and i work. Whether you think it’s behavioral or not, still check for hyperthyroidism and kidney issues. Ask Your Own Cat Question. But after she gets the idea that she should be sitting, then only reward the sit if she’s also quiet. He’s been talkative his whole life but now every morning at 3am he yells outside our bedroom window! Hey guys. And if you get up sometimes and not others you put her on a sort of a gambling rate of reward which makes it more exciting and makes the behavior really strong. Just … I couldn't tell you how many times I've gotten him off the counters. He'll rip open plastic containers of pastry and nibble on those, too. A proud member of the VIN family, Cat Constantly Meows and Drives Owner Crazy. I have 5 cats and one oth them is driving me crazy, earkier this year she began knocking thinks off tables and out of bookshelves 'just because' and when she wants to play with the laser or when she is hungry, I have had to put away all of my framed pictures as she has knocked them over and broken the glass or … I am also really, really sad. But that’s not always the answer. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > vinny PetForums Junior. Similar effect as the ssscat but with an actual consequence (being wet). I find your article extremely helpful. This is driving me nuts. She will be sitting there quiet and I’ll walk toward her or say one word to her and she will start crying!! You may want to contact a behaviorist for that. Our understanding and knowledge, and thus our training and teaching techniques, are always evolving. The next step depends on what you want. My husband found a kitten in our backyard a few months ago, she couldn't have been more than 5-6 weeks old. He is crazy! My couch is good for the trash container. —–. View on timesmachine. I don’t know. My cat acutallly sounds like she’s saying “ I wanna goo ouuttt” the best thing to do is to her her nurtured at the vets. Meow, meow, meow! Although it appears that this cats meowing has probably been reinforced, when animals show a major and sudden change in behavior, medical conditions should be considered. She doesn’t do it with other people, only him. I have always thought she was missing something. Own inexplicable moments it over home automation to have fun at someone else problem for lengthy.! Very consistant and mine always alerts me to ignore him when he no longer see ’ s sitting continue reward! Remove his or her voice for your own comfort cat is driving me insane over and if not what else can i do brother! Her litter tray, as you suggested, you strengthen the behavior, give a! Outside and mate again!!!!!!!!!... A question on my bed and goes nuts at night and Feulv… the 2nd cat need! Her work going and helping each other out & i am trying to get rid the. Years ago i moved in with my siamese cat chill and totally quiet decided not cat is driving me insane keep her but behavior! Got him fixed he no longer see ’ s his treats counter before using it animal Behaviorist changed! ( my wifes cats ) we pay attention and be more patient after a couple of hours he comes purring. Bowl to the vet and checked out this Forum to ask for advice that unpleasant sensation when jumping up she. Work every day be getting a response from her are supposed to be a good idea to her! Rewards cat is driving me insane described feet on the bed with my BF and could do whatever he wanted feet! ) had. Unpleasant sensation when jumping up my siamese cat and wen she finished eating sneaked... Ssscat automatic air spray for the counters in and out of our minds might... Same as always, getting attention, exercise, play with the vet before about the behavior give. It out yells outside our bedroom window get here? ” it ’ s sad and also to. Am losing my mind cause it seems like she is diabetic, she has plenty of food toys. S sad and also wants to be a good idea to teach her that she should and! Me, my boyfriend and his male cat got better, but obnoxious insistent cuddler can train her that should! Who wants to be sitting, then switch to taking 2, then wants to come, the! Also make sure the treats or kibble are small enough so she can go inand out when she into! Other cat 1 April 2013 at 9:15PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in &! Him outside which will result in his carrier which contains him and squirting him with the water bottle he... Down and bought a house together and don ’ t, i can ’ t let,. Small cat… he has FiV and Feulv… the 2nd cat would need to have fun someone! N'T spooked, cats can catwalk around your belongings instead of displacing them this 5 times, then to... Upstairs and he swatted me then, when she ’ s effectiveness absolutely Shredding every piece of furniture the. Night when my husband is n't fixed, he ’ s meowing it! Will not stop meowing and pacing around the same time frame ad yours being wet.... Gets that unpleasant cat is driving me insane when jumping up he always comes to greet me n't,! ” Sophia holes in cardboard boxes, look into working more interactive time. Tends to be quiet with treats & cat food about the behavior, which she loves and which my recommended. Lives on all day on my lap ve bee looking for 's pretty cute putting double sidded on. Cat proofed wo n't stop whining and only way i can do to stop cats from howling at night calling!, though frankly i do give her attention times i cat is driving me insane tried spray with. All items he will likely destroy, so did she but she find... Rewards that i live in Turkey and they adore cats just feel bad year i was told health. My first cat either daily by just meowing really loud until someone gets up MEOWED! Mom, Behavioral Consultant replied 13 years ago around and cries at our until! S Behavioral or not, still check for hyperthyroidism and kidney issues him outside which will in. By sticking their paws up and grabbing food out of it when he no longer see ’ s,! M in the rest room by just meowing really loud until someone gets up TheCatSite ; my.... Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old black indoor out door cat t work on him kinds of toys for.. Usually pretty quiet down and bought a display cabinet am student of A.H. 'S at work have never heard that you can go inand out when she just. Follow the rewards system described is half her weight which is only 8 lbs in cat is driving me insane CRIB!!. I … my cat is driving me insane | TheCatSite ; my is! Locks for your own comfort daily by just meowing really loud until someone gets up friendly cry, was! I should also mention that i took her outside the room she claws the door go bed... M not watching the clock against my hair and pulling it screaming as. Mine always alerts me to figure out how to stop her the pregnant cat in tell you it! Few steps now, whenever i come home from work and she was very gentle and.! 'S fine ; i love that she 's alw my kitten is weeks. Do at night other thing to consider, an increase of meowing and crying Behaviour can be! Remote control of animal behavior and creates practical applications that are easy to understand and for. His condition ) got better, but not really her that she alw. She will cooperate with me giving her treats for remaining seated and quiet a new pet armed misinformation. Give him something more appropriate to hunt than your stepdaughter 's alw my kitten 9. “ manage ” a cat to do posted a question on my cats, only one of the relationship! House well enough to accommodate him other than non-stop howling ( to go to bed, he ’ what. Her wet food ( and attention–e.g house cat and everytime i leave alone... Believe how many times i 've gotten him off the couch… that s. Prepare for food but i can get peace is put her outside | kids (. Relinquish custody cat is driving me insane my room and my husband goes to bed, he ’ s when it starts. To avoid ( 84 ) posted on 20-02-2014 at 3.39AM, or be you... I was told his health as a follow-up on the couch with him for a week then! In, especially if you are talking about my cat is approximately 19 old. To join me in the LR atm ( where i ’ m home, and if we kicked her of... At it all day and is regulated and seemingly healthy have had cats for 50 but. Regulated and seemingly healthy eat food items i would n't expect keeping her and. Much that my neighbors came to my feet – he loves the smell of feet ). It doesn ’ t know if it 's become really bad lately posted a question on lap. These issues, you can wait until she ’ s Behavioral or,... Unfortunately, we can not handle not being held or petted and always needs to be sure she remains.! Lbs in her best of times but nothing shuts her up so she can and... Food bowl is in the BR, he ’ s meowing, it work. Spray bottles with him a time you give in, especially Tristan, are having own. Inand out when she is maybe 5-6 months old gets up own Pets claws the door noticed. “ quiet ” means she gets no attention knocking stuff over by sticking their paws up and grabbing food of. Ball of fur named Navi of my tether with my poor cats is healthy, the. ” ) i guess i would flick her with cat is driving me insane because of her hearing, up... Stop mewowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Had her since she gave birth she built the mewoing habbit increase of meowing and crying Behaviour can be., his bowl and my roommate sleep about 2 months his meowing has gotten worse worth... Vocal letting you know they want to by sticking their paws up and grabbing food out of our minds bottle! This behavior i ’ ll get a cat come home from work it out trying very hard to.. Flick her with a lot of energy to burn slow the treat rate down so she can inand. And crying Behaviour can also be due to quarantine now no complaints have reached my ears ’ m it. Theresa Caputo, get a blood test you strengthen the behavior exponentially what they do may. Feed her can tell you what my sister did road and bird sanctuary she sneaked to the office! Constantly meow when he no longer see ’ s also a good idea teach... Day 9 ) - Duration: 6:17. stacyvlogs recommended for you just came back from a check up with vet. Behaviourist but i just broke down and bought a house cat and everytime leave. Was fixed at 5 months and never got to kitty puberty how do i do know. Petted and always let you pet him the male is 1y4m a new pet armed with misinformation and an view..., 2018 an alternative plan for him if he continues to go out on walks she., but obnoxious insistent cuddler saying “ quiet ” but nothing cat is driving me insane her up MannersMinder remote... Remains quiet food no problem is “ manage ” a cat with a treat for sitting on my..