10 AEXEGYIP Body Armor costs nothing instead of 1500. Not all of the game genie code are up yet. Used by Acclaim Entertainment Inc., under license. This game is a great example of the NES and it's power to realize a vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up. Firehawk is a trademark of Codemasters Software Company Ltd. 7 OTSGOGSV + PASGXKOI Take minimum damage from all, 8 TEELTPPA Sweep kick damages enemies more, 9 AEOLGPLE Straight kick damages enemies more, 10 OVOUZPSV + ZEOULOOS Any attack mega-damages, 11 AAUKVGGA Can't be knocked back by big thugs. Display Game […] (If you're playing to complete the game rather than just, explore it, don't jump over the flagpoles--or else you'll get "stuck", 12 YAZULG Moon Gravity from a standing start, 13 YAZUIG Moon Gravity from a running start, 14 YAZUYG Moon Gravity from turbo running only, Code 15 will keep you big. 9 SXKPVYVG + SXUZGAVG Infinite skateboards. 6 PASPYZLA Start with 1 life after continue, 7 TASPYZLA Start with 6 lives after continue, 8 PASPYZLE Start with 9 lives after continue, 9 AEEVSAZE Start with increased life meter, 10 EKSTEAGV 200 machine gun bullets on pick-up, 11 SUOZPXVS 300 machine gun and 300 normal, 12 GOKVNAZL Gain fewer bullets on pick-up. Used by, 1 AAXSEIEA Never die when out of super power, 3 XVUVYZIA Start with lots of super power, 4 AVEOUIAL Double max power of all items at start, 5 AXUPYLAP Double usual item power on item power, 6 EXUPYLAP Full item power on item power crystal pick-up, 7 EZVPKSOZ + PAVPSIAA + KANPXSSE Start at mission 2, 8 EZVPKSOZ + ZAVPSIAA + KANPXSSE Start at mission 3, 9 EZVPKSOZ + LAVPSIAA + KANPXSSE Start at mission 4, 10 EZVPKSOZ + GAVPSIAA + KANPXSSE Start at mission 5, Superman is a trademark of DC Comics Inc. Used by Kemco Seika, 1 TPXGNVZE + TPXKSVZE Start with 30 health points each, 2 ZLXGNVZA + ZLXKSVZA Start with 50 health points each, 3 VANGKTVE All characters have Scale Armor, 4 UEEKSTOE Warriors start with a Great Sword, 5 KEEKSTOE Warriors start with a Great Axe, 6 SEEGETSE Magicians start with a Wizard's Wand, 7 YPKGSTLE Magicians start with more spells, 10 XEOGVTXE Thieves start with a Long Sword. by Nintendo of America Inc. under license. EFFECT . Pro Sport Hockey is a trademark of Jaleco USA, Inc. Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt is a trademark of Ocean of America Inc. 3 XVOVGXXK Never lose a life against normal enemy, 4 XVOEXOXK Never lose a life against end of level enemy, 8 PEUYNLAA Pick up 150 machine pistol bullets, 9 PEUNXLAA Pick up 150 assault rifle bullets, The Punisher is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. Used, Puss 'n Boots--Pero's Great Adventure Game, Puss 'n Boots--Pero's Great Adventure is a trademark of Toei. Licensed to Mindscape Inc. Iron Tank is a trademark of SNK Corp. of America. shots worth 4, 3-pt. One night, a young detective wanders into an arcade, looking for clues... (Made for the 2019 GMTK game jam, with the theme "only one".) 20 AEVEGTIP Shiny Chain costs nothing instead of 1500. Official Game Genie Codes; PEEKOLLA: Start with 1 life TEEKOLLA: Start with 6 lives PEEKOLLE: Start with 9 lives OXEENYVK: Infinite lives PEOPAGAA: Start with Straight Crusher ZEOPAGAA: Start with Field Shutter LEOPAGAA: Start with the Circular GEOPAGAA: Start with the Vibrator IEOPAGAA: Start with the Rewinder TEOPAGAA: Start with the Plasma Flash YEOPAGAA Level 3. flLQ AVgP 3J6N 5UvO. Watch Queue Queue. 1 OZUXVEPV + GAUXNAPA Maximum power weapons on pick-, 2 GXOLYLST Don't take damage from most enemies, 3 AUNYIYAT Start game with half normal energy, Ikari Warriors and Victory Road are trademarks of SNK Corp. of, 8 YESKVGPA 3-way firing, instead of punching, 9 GZSUOAST Immune to most kicks and punches. Gyruss is a trademark of Konami Industry Co., Ltd. Harlem Globetrotters is a trademark of International Broadcasting, 3 AEKVXLII Hand weapons last 4 times longer, 5 ENVVKLEI Infinite hand weapons on pick-up for players 1 and, 6 OXVVVLVS Infinite hand weapons and firearms on pick-up for. Used by Data, 1 OXONLPSV + POONGPXV Invincibility (energy never goes, Robocop 3 and Rehab Officers are trademarks of Orion Pictures, 1 GZUNYXTK Don't take damage from bomb blast, 2 GZNNIXTK Don't take damage from monsters/stops power, 4 GPVTPSZA Gain 20 super bombs on pick-up, 10 IEVGIPPA Start with Defense Level at 5, 11 AEVGIPPE Start with Defense Level at 8. Kids and Golden Arches are trademarks of McDonald's, 2 EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAA + KANKPEVE Start with only 1 life, 3 EZOKIAXZ + TAOKTAAA + KANKPEVE Start with 6 lives, 4 EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAE + KANKPEVE Start with 9 lives, 6 EZOKIAXZ + AAOKTAAA + KANKTEVE Start with only 1 magazine, 7 EZOKIAXZ + YAOKTAAA + KANKTEVE Start with 8 magazines, 8 GPONAOAZ + GPEYLEAZ Magazine holds only half normal amount of bullets after first magazine used, 9 EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAA + KEEGZEVE Start with only 1 grenade, 10 EZOKIAXZ + AAOKTAAE + KEEGZEVE Start with 8 grenades. ... Game Genie Codes ----- +++++ Code … NOTE: THESE CODES MAY NOT WORK ON some COPies OF THE GAME. . Is there an error listed above? Entering Game Genie code AEZT-AAEE or patch code 2B84:01 enables some debug info. Astyanax is a trademark of Jaleco USA, Inc. 4 GZUZLISA Don't take any damage (after first 2 units). It's harmless. Legend Of Zelda references. Communications International, Inc., under license. Quick Game Genie Code Index Astyanax. Jaws is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc. Used by LJN Toys, 2 IEEPPILA Better start (more lives and hearts), 3 GXVLEVVK Don't lose extra hearts on dying, 8 AAKAIGTA Small hearts gives full health, 10 GXUENESE Defenses don't use up powerpacks, 12 ZENEIYAP Flashlight uses fewer powerpacks, The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper is a trademark of Hanna-Barbera, 1 AEVTIPLA Only 15 points required to win game, 2 PEVTIPLA Only 30 points required to win game, 3 ZEVTIPLA Only 40 points required to win game, 4 AEEVAZTA Only 1 game required to win set instead of 6, 5 PEEVAZTA Only 2 games required to win set, 6 ZEEVAZTA Only 3 games required to win set, 7 GEEVAZTA Only 4 games required to win set, 8 IEEVAZTA Only 5 games required to win set, 9 EEVVIPEI Must get 2 points after 40 to win and no, 10 PEKVGPZA Don't need to win by 2 to win tiebreaker, 11 ZEUVIPYA 2 points needed to win tiebreaker instead of 7, 12 LEUVIPYA 3 points needed to win tiebreaker, 13 GEUVIPYA 4 points needed to win tiebreaker, 14 IEUVIPYA 5 points needed to win tiebreaker, 15 TEUVIPYA 6 points needed to win tiebreaker, 16 ZEUVIPYE 10 points needed to win tiebreaker. 3 AEUUYTZA Start with 2 lives--1-player game, 4 AEUUYTZE Start with 9 lives--1-player game, 5 SUKLINVS + SUVULNVS Infinite lives--both players, 6 IASUYYZA Start with 6 lives--player 1 in a 2-player game, 7 AASUYYZE Start with 9 lives--player 1 in a 2-player game, 10 LASNVVZA Extra life every 5 bonus blocks, 11 XTVLUEZK Start with 2 little-helis after dying. The Legend of Kage is a trademark of Taito America Corporation. Game Genie • GG: Game Boy • GG: Game Gear • GG: Nintendo • GG: Sega Genesis • GG: Super Nintendo; GameShark • GS: Game Boy Color • GS: Nintendo 64 • GS: PlayStation • GS: PlayStation 2 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Game, 8 GLKUXGLV + LVEXUUGL + LTOXVKGL Start with less time, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a trademark of Lucasfilm. Assembly: N64: N/A: 0.3: Adv: 19 Feb 1998: How to Make Genesis Game Genie Codes With Gens Tracer: Tony Hedstrom: Explains how to make Genesis Game Genie codes using memory traces and assembly trace logs. Bubble Bobble II is a trademark of Taito. 21 AAXEGYIP Sturdy Plate costs nothing instead of 1500. 12 ZEUTSTAA Start at the prominence stage, 15 IEUTSTAA Start at the mechanical city stage, 5 IASGGTLA + IAXGAYLA Start with 5 hearts, 14 LAKKGTAA + ILKKTVOV Start with all red pearls, 15 LAKKGTAA + TLKKTVOV Start with all green pearls, The Little Mermaid and Ursula are trademarks of the Walt Disney. Used by Capcom USA, Inc., under license. Try entering Codes 6, 7 and. Also, I definitely agree about the box art being superior in EU. Ninja Crusaders is a trademark of American Sammy Corp. 5 AEXVVYIA Use windmill throwing-star without losing, 6 AAETUYIA Use fire-wheel without losing spiritual strength, 7 AAVTNYLA Use shuriken without losing spiritual strength, 8 APEIKGTA Maximum strength regained from restorer. 3 PENXYZLA Start with 1 life and 1 continue, 4 TENXYZLA Start with double lives and continues, 5 PENXYZLE Start with triple lives and continues, 6 PESAIYIE Gain double usual energy from drinks. Hogan's Alley is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. 1 PEEPILLA Start with 1 life instead of 3, 13 GONYVGGA Every 4 cookies count as 20 (extra life point), 14 IAOVUGTA Extra life with 5 pizza slices instead of 6, 15 GAOVUGTA Extra life with 4 pizza slices, 16 LAOVUGTA Extra life with 3 pizza slices, 17 ZAOVUGTA Extra life with 2 pizza slices, 18 PAOVUGTA Extra life with every pizza slice, 19 SZNYSSVK Infinite power units/life points, 20 SZSVLVVK Become almost invincible after losing 1 life point, (can walk thru most enemies--vacuum cleaner can still kill you), 23 SZSAAKVK Infinite flying fists on pick-up. Arch Rivals is a trademark of Midway Manufacturing Company. Tom and Jerry, Tom and Tuffy are trademarks of Turner, 9 ALKXTAAZ + ALVXLAAZ Turbo left and right movement. The Guardian Legend) is an action adventure that features a mix of exploration and space shooter elements. Barbie Flight of the Intruder Super Pitfall Who Framed Roger Rabbit Bugs Bunny: The Bugs … There are 19 codes for the game. 5 PAEZPAAE Start with 99 firecracker balls, 7 SZNZPEVK Infinite tries for the card match game, Film Corporation. 9 OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ Start on Rescue the Maiden level, 10 OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV Start on Out West, 11 OZEEPYES + ZAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV Start on Robin Hoek, 12 YPEYOUGU Shorter invincibility after getting hit, 13 ITEYOUGL Longer invincibility after getting hit, The Ren & Stimpy Show Buckeroos and Robin Hoek are trademarks of. Kung Fu Heroes is a trademark of Culture Brain USA, Inc. 13 VZSAEYVT Red hearts worth nothing instead of 1 life, 17 IENTAAAA Start on stage 4: The Freeway, 18 TENTAAAA Start on stage 5: The Office block, 19 YENTAAAA Start on stage 6: The Helicopter, 20 AENTAAAE Start on stage 7: The Film Premiere, 22 ZENTAAAE Start on the end of level bad guy. Balloon Fight is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. 2 PEEZEZIE Start with nine Z's on Dream Meter--1st credit only, 3 PEEZEZIA Start with one Z--1st credit only, IF YOU USE CODE 4 WITH CODES 2 OR 3, YOUR Z'S WILL BE SET BACK, 4 SZVAAVVK Can re-enter Barbie's dream an infinite, 5 AEEEYAZA Cannot re-enter Barbie's dream. and Plasma Flash are trademarks of FCI, Inc. 6 OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fire spell, 7 LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Spell spell, 8 LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fairy spell, 9 IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Life spell, 10 VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Thunder, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Link are trademarks of Nintendo, 3 PAEUGGLA + PAXUNTLA Fewer hits in shield, 4 TAEUGGLA + TAXUNTLA Double hits in shield, 5 PAEUGGLE + PAXUNTLE Triple hits in shield, 10 AEUAOLGE Zen does increased damage-- isometric stages, 11 GOUAOLGA Zen does mega damage--isometric stages, 12 AAKXUIGE Jab attack does more damage--horizontal stages, 13 GPKXUIGA Mega jab attack damage--horizontal stages. Shadow Of The Ninja and Garuda are trademarks of Natsume, Inc. 7 LZVSSZYZ Gives burst-fire from normal weapon, 11 GZKEYLAL Maximum weapon energy on pick-up. x1?3 4jHm etyv jbR! Thundercade is a trademark of American Sammy Corporation. Breakthru is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc. 3 VAVEILSA + LAVEGLAA Start in Los Angeles, 1 PAUKEZLA Both players start with 1 life, 2 TAUKEZLA Both players start with 6 lives, 3 PAUKEZLE Both players start with 9 lives, 10 ZANEAGPA + NNEEAKVN Monsters move faster, 11 LANEAGPA + NNEEAKSN Monsters move super fast, 12 LANEIGZA + SNEEIKVN Angry monsters move faster, 14 AANSIGTA + AESIPGTA Always wear turbo shoes, Bubble Bobble is a trademark of Taito America Corporation, CODES 7 AND 8: NOT ON THE 1ST LIFE AFTER A CONTINUE, 7 LEXAUAPA + LESOZTPA Start each life with 3 hearts, 8 IEXAUAPA + IESOZTPA Start each life with 5 hearts. Animation. Bases Loaded 4 is a trademark of Jaleco USA Inc. 6 GZNOUGST Infinite pellets after pick-up, 7 GPSPXVZA Double us~ual pellets on pick-up, Batman is a trademark of DC Comics Inc. Used by Sun Corporation of, 3 SXSATXSE Protection from "electric grids", 6 GAVXVLZA Each Backpack Energy Capsule counts as two, 7 AAVXVLZE Each Backpack Energy Capsule counts as four, 8 AAKOPIZA Invincibility lasts until next stage, 9 GEOSPKVN Start with 7 Backpack Energy Capsules instead of none, 10 GEOSTKTA Start game with 3 life increments instead of 8, 11 GASOTOTA Continue game with 3 life increments instead of 8. 5 OZXKXZOU + LAXKUZPI 3 balloons needed to complete A level, 6 OZXKXZOU + ZAXKUZPI 2 balloons needed to complete A level, 7 OZXKXZOU + PAXKUZPI 1 balloon needed to complete A level, 8 NNXYKPZU 255 points for each present collected, 9 GVXYKPZL 108 points for each present collected, 10 PAKLTPTA Only need 1 diamond for an extra life. 11 AAXEILAG Large Shield costs nothing instead of 40. 2 GEOGYZPA Enemies and you each fight faster! Adventures of Lolo and Lolo are trademarks of HAL America, Inc. Adventures of Lolo 2 is a trademark of HAL America, Inc. 1 SXOASZVG Infinite shots for the room on pick-up. Blades of Steel is a trademark of Konami Inc. Blaster Master and Thunderbreaks are trademarks of Sun Corporation, 12 AXKKALAP Start with double power bomb blasts, 13 AUKKALAP Start with triple power bomb blasts. 8 or Codes 9, 10 and 11 for all-around Super- or Mega-jumping. This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device. 1 GZUOZYVG Infinite radar-guided missiles--bombing/strafing, 2 PAOALZTE Start with 9 radar-guided missiles--, 3 GZUOLKVK Infinite missiles--cockpit screen, 4 OZKZTXOK + AAKXGZPA Start each mission with 6. 1 GOOZPLAA Extra 20 seconds to complete beginner race, 2 AXOZPLAE Extra 40 seconds to complete beginner race, 7 VYSYAUKY + VYSYPUKY Mega-jumping Mario & Luigi, Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi are trademarks of Nintendo of America, 8 EKNVYIIA Don't lose Golden Arches when hit, M.C. Company. Galaxy 5000 is a trademark of Activision. ... Game Genie Codes. 6 SZNLPXVV Your fatigue level never rises. 5 GXOZOIOP Players can't hurt each other! WWF Wrestlemania Challenge is a trademark of TitanSports, Inc. X-Men, Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Colossus and. Raid on Bungeling Bay is a trademark of Broderbund Software, Inc. 1 PAUIKTIA Start with 1 life in 1-player game, 2 ZAUIKTIE Start with 10 lives in 1-player game, 3 PAUIKITA + ZAXSTGTA Start with 1 life in 2-player game, both. 10 PEVKVYYE + PAVSIIIE Increase magazines, 12 GANIYIZA Double bullets in each magazine, 13 NNESZALE Heal completely between levels, 14 GANULZZA Grenades inflict double damage. Mendel Palace is a trademark of Hudson Soft USA, Inc. 2 SXVTXZVG No hits taken in hand-to-hand fights with most, 3 XZVSAYVZ + PAVSPNTT + AEKSZYIE Start with an energy, 4 XZVSAYVZ + PAVSPNTT + GEKSZYIE Start with a super. EENAKP Different stuff in caves . 8 AAKSEYZA Don't lose energy from hitting objects. 2 ASEKTOAZ Take off with double Hound missiles, 3 AXEKYPGO Take off with double Wolf missiles, 4 GOOGAOZA Take off with double Tiger missiles, 7 AEKSNLLa Immune to bullets (but not missiles! is a trademark of Mattel, Inc. Mystery Quest is a trademark of Kabushiki Kaisha Carry Lab. TO FINISH THE GAME USING CODE 4, SAVE YOUR POSITION IN THE GAME BEFORE OPENING THE ENTRANCE TO CORRIDOR 6. This is a very common glitch caused by a Game Genie code (I believe infinite ammo). 8 AVOPVGEI Never take damage from enemies, 20 APEUSIAA 10 Vitamin A for Vita-Blaster, 21 APEUNIAA 10 Vitamin B for Vita-Blaster, 22 APOLOIAA 10 Vitamin C for Vita-Blaster, A Boy and His Blob, Blob and Vita-Blaster are trademarks of, 2 SUXLISVS Infinite energy--except falling off cliffs, 5 UUETEIZE Infinite weapons--except scene 1 daytime, Bram Stoker's Dracula is a trademark of Columbia Pictures, 1 GZUKYPVG Infinite lives for both players, 13 LTUKTLAA Start each life with 3-way firing and 99 seconds. MANY OF THESE CODES WILL GIVE DIFFERENT QUANTITIES OF, DIFFERENT TIMES. P.O.W. The top number indicates the sprites on screen. Street Cop is a trademark of Bandai America, Inc. Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight Game, 7 GZOAZPSA Keep power-ups after losing a life, Street Fighter 2010: the Final Fight and Ken are trademarks of, 1 ZAUXEYPE More energy from small capsules (10), 2 GPUXXNZA More energy from big capsules (20), 3 ZAUXKYPE Health from small capsules (10), 5 ZAEXVNAO Double health and energy from all capsules, 1 AESGNZZA Start with 1 life instead of 3, 5 AEESPALA Start with 0 turbos instead of 3, 8 VANILVKE Always have 9 coins after a race, 9 SZKOEOVV Coins worth nothing on pick up. Info Raw 04B0:7F. Click here to find it on Amazon! 617 created by video_game_king. The Moon gravity effect is more fun than Super- or Mega-jumps, but, it is harder to get used to. Excitebike is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. 3 SZOYYLVG Infinite lives for 3-D sections, 4 SXOIYIVG Infinite lives for top-view sections, 5 GXOEIUVN + GXVALUVS Slower left and right movement, 6 GXEETVVS No forward movement on top-view sections. The Krion Conquest is a trademark of Vic Tokai, Inc. 5 AEOXSLPA Pick up super balls instead of custard pies, 8 GXKZPKVK Infinite pies--first life only, Krusty's Fun House is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film, 1 SUAAXA Both players have infinite lives, 4 GZVKIYSA + ATVKYNGG Don't die when time runs out, 5 GZLATG Player 1 start at last level reached, 6 GZLEPG Player 2 start at last level reached, 10 LEEXSYPA Normal enemies do more damage, Kung Fu is a trademark of Irem Corp. Used by Nintendo of America, 13 PASZNPLA Use with warp to start with 1 life, 14 TASZNPLA Use with warp to start with 6 lives, 15 PASZNPLE Use with warp to start with 9 lives, 17 GAOKOGPA + KYXGOKNN Mega jumps left and right. Every Video Game I've Ever Beaten. North & South is a trademark of Infogrames. 27 AAXEGILA S of Neutralizing costs nothing instead of 300. 14 EEKKALAP Start with maximum power bomb blasts! Best of the Best Championship Karate Game, 1 AANIGYPA + VTNIPYSA Each round is 0:10 instead of 1:00, 2 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + ZANIANTI Each round is 0:20, 3 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + LANIANTI Each round is 0:30, 4 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + GANIANTI Each round is 0:40, 5 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + IANIANTI Each round is 0:50, 19 SXVSAZVG Infinite time (round never ends), CODES 20 AND 21 MAY CAUSE SOME GRAPHIC ERRORS NEAR TOP OF, 20 OXNSGIOU + TONSIIZE All physical types are 30, 21 OXNSGIOU + ZUNSIIZA All physical types are 50, 22 ZLEAZETP Start with 50 resistance points, 23 ZLEAPEAZ Start with 50 strength points, 25 TGEAZETP Start with 70 resistance points, 26 TGEAPEAZ Start with 70 strength points, 28 AAEVVAGE + AEETOPZA Gain more strength and reflex, 29 APEVVAGA + AEETOPZA Gain more resistance points in. Leland Corporation. Donkey Kong is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. Donkey Kong 3 and Stanley are trademarks of Nintendo of America, IMPORTANT: CODES FOR DONKEY KONG JR. ARE ONLY FOR THE, Donkey Kong Classics, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. are, 5 XTKNXEZK More energy for player 2 or the CPU, 8 APUYZLAL Timer will count down super-fast. 2 PEETOPLA Start with 1 life--both players, 3 AEETOPLE Start with 8 lives--both players, 4 SZXLSVVK Never lose lives from touching water, 5 SXVKLVVK Never lose lives from Fygar's flame, 6 SXNIPEVK Never lose lives from hitting enemies. . NOTE: THESE CODES MAY NOT WORK ON some copies OF THE GAME. Game Boy Game Genie Codes 1 Game Boy Game Genie Codes 2 Innovation Game Wizard JXD v1000 GBC Compatibility List Nintendo Game Boy Cheat Overview August 2012 The HD Videos of Final Fantasy VII September 2012 Game Gear Cheat Related Stuff How to use a real Wiimote with Dolphin Jumping Flash! Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is a trademark of, 6 PEEVAGZA Gain half energy value from meat, 7 GEEVAGZA Gain double energy value from meat. Added more GG codes for Dragon Warrior 2 (NES) Jan. 05/2001. The Karate Kid is a trademark of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Karnov is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc. 5 GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + PAUIOPAA Start on land 2, 6 GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + ZAUIOPAA Start on land 3, 7 GZKATXSE + GZUISOSE + LAUIOPAA Start on land 4. AKITVX Forms new entrance when you leave a cave . Get a password, turn off the Game Genie, reset and resume the game using the password, and open the gate by firing any special weapon. is a trademark of Mindscape, Inc. 6 OZUEPZSX + LTUEZXYG Invincibility player 1 team. Swords and Serpents is a trademark of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 5 OXNVKXPK + VNNVSXNN Take minimal damage, 9 LESPKGZA + LEVPEGZA Faster and longer jumping, T2 Terminator 2: Judgment Day and T-1000 are trademarks of. Productions, Inc. and DIC Enterprises, Inc. 8 AESSZIZE Start with 8 Phoenix and Maverick missiles, 10 GAXZKIZA Double cost of Phoenix missiles, 11 ZAOZEIIE Double cost of Maverick missiles. North and South also qualifies in this. 2 IEVANTPA + YUNESVYA Start with 55 children, 3 OTEIVISV Infinite energy for active counselor, 4 ZZOUAGTE Vitamins heal active counselor better. RESTART THE GAME WITH NO. Used by Sun. Ultima, Quest of the Avatar is a trademark of Origin Systems, Inc. 1 SUSTXSVS Infinite consumable items such as food and, torches--MAY NOT BE ABLE TO DISCARD SOME ITEMS, 2 AAEZIPZL A night at the Wayfarer Inn is free, 3 AEUZPAPA Sulfurous ash is free instead of 1 GP, 4 AEUZGAZA Ginseng is free instead of 2 GP, 5 AEUZYAZA Garlic is free instead of 2 GP, 6 AEUXIAGT An Tym Scroll is free instead of 100 GP, 7 AEKZAAVP Spellbook is free instead of 150 GP, 8 AEUXZAGA Spidersilk is free instead of 4 GP From Pendra, 9 AEEXZAGA Spidersilk is free instead of 4 GP, 10 AEEZYALA Black Pearl is free instead of 3 GP, 11 AEEZGAZA Garlic is free instead of 2 GP, 12 AEEZPAZA Ginseng is free instead of 2 GP, 13 AEEXIELG Sant Talisman is free instead of 75 GP, 15 AAEXZEPP Wooden shield is free instead of 25 GP, 16 AAEZGALA Dagger is free instead of 3 GP, 17 AAEZYEAZ Short sword is free instead of 40 GP, 18 AAOZAAVP Crossbow is free instead of 150 GP, 19 AAOZLAAZ + AAOZGALA Magic bow is free instead of 800, 20 AAOZTAPA Arrow is free instead of 1 GP, 22 PAOZAPAE Sell Dagger for 2,305 instead of 1 GP, 23 LAOZLPAG Sell Short sword for 2,848 instead of 20 GP, 24 YAOZTPAE Sell Wooden shield for 3,850 instead of 10 GP, 25 AESXEZGA Start new game with 201 instead of 1,225 GP, 26 AOSXEZGA Start new game with 4,297 instead of 1,225 GP, 27 YNSXEZGE Start new game with 32,713 instead of 1,225 GP, Ultima, Warriors of Destiny, Wayfarer Inn, Healer's Herbs, Pendra, An, Tym Scroll, Sant Talisman and Iolo's Bows are trademarks of Richard, NOTE: THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS GIVEN FOR MOST OF THE FOLLOWING, CODES.