The group is run by Vince Thomas, who is teaming up with the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, to help recycle Christmas trees. Nothing with tinsel. What Goats Eat. Goats can eat carrots raw, boiled, cooked or juiced. Sheep have coats that can get tangled in bushes. That makes shrubs, some fruit vines and fruit trees prime targets for the voracious eaters. It is natural for them to nibble a little here, and a little there. They love wattles, sheoak, eucalyptus, pittosporum and other Australian natives. But special attention should be given so that any trash like paper or Cigarettes don't get mixed with its food. Answer: The leaves of the branches of the forest and garden trees are very valuable roughage for goats in winter. They will thank you for it. Farms ask for tree donations for hungry goats, and the goats love every minute of it. 0. Goats enjoy … Source(s): 28 years of raising goats. Every year, as soon as the holidays are over, people begin asking - can my goats eat Christmas trees? Goats will eat the brush plants that the sheep will not touch. Goat Grazers wants to help recycle Christmas trees by feeding them to goats. It is better to be safe than sorry. While the common myth is that goats eat anything, the truth is that goats love invasive plants and overgrown brush. Got to love them, they always keep me on my toes. Posts: 1. posted 1 month ago . It has been said that "goats will eat anything" and there are times when this statement could almost be true. So don't have any trees in a goat pen that you want to have live unless they are very big trees. We live in the Pacific Northwest, now this could be regional and these are the trees they are use to eating. Like deer, they are browsers, not grazers, and they prefer their food at shoulder height or higher. "Any trees that aren’t from big box stores, local tree farms, anything like that. ?can they eat dried cattail stems?? But if they are eating them in excess, it could be that they are craving nutrients that are lacking in their diet. Chocolate. However, goats need careful feeding and cannot survive on just browsing and grazing. Milligan in blackberry heaven. My goats eat them all the time and are fine. Goat Owner Explains Why Goats Love Christmas Trees 'Apparently, The Fiber Does Them A Lot Of Good' A Time-Lapse Of A Goat Christmas Tree Feeding Frenzy Just Look At These Goats Chow Down On This Tree Go Goats, Eat That Tree Even Baby Goats Love Them

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Want more stories like this? Three Important Goat Facts. Goats need the minerals that tree bark contains, and it's possible that if they are really starved for variety in their diet or for minerals, they might eat the bark anyway, especially after the tea wears off a little. Milking goats are particularly likely to lose condition without adequate feed as they give a high milk yield in relation to their size and bodyweight. Extensive management requires more space than most people have access to, (especially in the city! Plums. Answers. Nothing that can hurt them. Herd animals are under constant stress when alone even if you can't see it. All hail the mighty goat. If in doubt, always Google it. It shows the country's famous goats, who climb high into argan trees to eat fruit and leaves. To encourage them to eat, hang the branches on a fence post or from a gate, rather than throwing them on the ground. Really though, it can only be good for them to get some forage this time of year. Alongside this, the products that shouldn't be given to goats are:-Crotalaria. Goats will eat trees because that’s part of what their guts are designed to do. Also they will dig throught the dirt to eat the roots. Thomas says he's shocked by how many trees go to waste. How can goats eat acacia trees. No Goat-Proof Fence Goats are intelligent, athletic and determined, all attributes that make them difficult to contain. The goats can sense if a tree has been treated with insecticide and won’t go near it, Millaway said.