tarter kit contains everything needed to get started saddle hunting, s rigged and ready to go out of the package. These Ambush Pro is built rock solid and is comfortable enough for two half day sits already and I'd assume for an all day sit if needed. I no longer needed to concern myself with balance or fit positioning like on a hang on or climbed. Aero Hunter Merlin tree saddle made specifically for fall prevention while tree hunting, rated 5000 lbs Saddle bridge is 1″ heavy nylon webbing rated at 6500 lbs. Aero Hunter Back Band for positionable back support if and where you want it. So the next morning, I started doing some serious homework on tree saddles. Ultra-compact for your hike in yet more supportive in the tree than traditional designs, the... View full product details Determined to find a spot with fresh sign or at least a palpable sense of deer in the immediate area, I went out scouting that afternoon. Saddle hunting is perfect for going in deep and bouncing around public land where you don’t want to leave a stand to be stolen. Included with each is our premium Oplux tether and lineman belt pre-rigged for easy one–handed adjustment. I’m new to saddle hunting but was more comfortable then I have ever been in a normal tree stand. Saddle hunting has been around for decades. There is an unlocked cable gate at the driveway entrance. I've only been about a 5 foot off ground so far, but seems very safe and comfortable. Saddle Hunting Products. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Had an ordering glitch, Trophyline rep reached out to me before the shipment arrived, quickly resolved it, couldn’t ask for better service! 2 Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiners. No luck. ", "Great product! John Eberhart - Hunting Public Land Pressured Bucks, Tree Saddle, and Scent Control Posted on May 05, 2020 by The Exodus Team We're diving into the Exodus archive once again for an interview we did with John Eberhart at his home in 2017. I like to increase my odds at winning at everything. Saddle hunting is increasingly popular for several reasons. A saddle is more comfortable and convenient to pack into the woods, quicker and quieter to get set up in a tree, and more versatile to hunt from. Although this saddle was not initially on my radar, it may have leapfrogged up to my number one pick to get started saddle hunting! Instead, just order separately the components you want to complete your tree hunting system. Inspired by the desire to eliminate the choice between light weight packability and comfort, the Method is the next generation in hunting saddles. Won’t be disappointed shopping with these folks, Jevin Easler Trophyline Ambush Pro Tree Saddle Kit, "Include some of your favorite customer quotes and feedback here as social proof, to build credibility and trust for your services and products. However, if you know of others I should look into, please drop a suggestion in the comments below! If you want Ultimate Comfort in Saddle Hunting, look no further than the the XC Saddle Kit. Intro to Tree Saddle Hunting At its core, the tree saddle is an extremely simple piece of gear. My hunting season hasn’t quite gone the way I hoped this year. The CRÜZR S is the Standard in comfort for CRÜZR saddles. ", Pete Trophyline Ambush Lite Tree Saddle Kit, "Very well built and the company had a really quick turn around. The only saddle available was the Anderson Tree Sling. From what I gathered, Tethrd currently seems to offer the most options for prospective saddle hunters. Two rows of Molle attachment system. However, most public-land regulations prohibit climbing methods that penetrate a tree, meaning no screw-in steps. I knew from the first couple sits I was hooked. Hang With The Best. 1 Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner. What’s different, is that in the JX3 Hybrid hunting saddle you’re in the tree saddle, and belted to the tree at all times while climbing, descending, and hunting you are free to move around the tree in safety, not worried about falling at any time. Mobile Treestand Test: Climber vs. Hang-On vs. Tree Saddle. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. A saddle hunting is like hunting from a tree stand, but the saddle replaces the tree stand. I have all my kids in them and as they grew and began hunting with me I have never worried about their safety getting in and out of trees.... Well lucky us!!! Unlike a tree stand, a hunting saddle allows you to pivot and turn so that there are no “dead zones”. However with ultra light weight, and comfortable tree stands now widely available, the practice of hanging from a tree by a waist harness was quickly abandoned by several bowhunters. Guaranteed. Optional OpLux Tree Tether & Linemans Upgrade. WEI - Perch. ", Daniel Trophyline Ambush Lite Tree Saddle, "I absolutely love this saddle. Watch the video below for more details: The Method starter kit contains everything needed to get started saddle hunting and it is rigged and ready to go out of the package. Out On A Limb saddle hunting stands are the most advanced tree saddles on the market. Leave gate closed after entry. Round  Mossy Oak Bottomland Lineman’s  Accessory Pouch. The Tethrd Team has created the ultimate tree saddle hunting setup. Hunters also gain the advantage of a full 360-degree range of shooting positions when hunting from a tree. The company offers a wide range of saddle hunting equipment, but also sells two different kits if you prefer to go that route. Some like to hang their accessories high on saddle and others like to hang them low. Wild Edge Gift Card. Saddle bridge is 1″ heavy nylon webbing rated at 6500 lbs. Our Saddle and Predator Platform systems are truly the culmination of ideas & input from thousands of dedicated tree saddle hunting fanatics around the world. This is a moderate out and back trail to Maverick Saddle in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. This style of hunting has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years. The webbing features are safely harnessed in gear to make sure the hunter is safe when hunting or climbing the tree. "Just got my saddle fast shipping. Was at my door in 2 days and the fella that I emailed with questions was quick and courteous and answered all my questions...", R.Grimm Trophyline Ambush Pro Tree Saddle, "This is my first tree saddle and it is very well made. Observe and obey all posted access rules and boundaries. The Poor Man’s Ascender. Doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old … By Scott Einsmann. Some like to hang their. Gray Wolf Protections to be Lifted Across Most of U.S. Watch: Animal Control Officers Catch Deer in a Net, Remove Plastic Pumpkin Stuck on its Head, Police Officer Killed by Rooster’s Blade During Cockfight Raid, This Whitetail’s Gruesome Injury has Baffled the Internet, Here’s a Look at the Recently Revealed Savage 320 Thumbhole Shotguns, The Brand New Gunner Food Crate is the Toughest Dog Food Bin Ever Made, Iowa DNR Says Hunter Died After Apparent Treestand Incident, ‘Nature Can Sure Throw Some Curveballs,’ – Two Kansas Bucks Die With Antlers Locked Together, Wildlife Officials Say, Evacuations Ordered as Colorado Wildfires Explode in Size Overnight, Five Rut Essentials You Need To Have On Hand This Season, Zion Hiker Rescue: Sheriff’s Sgt. Components include Black Diamond carabiners, tender, and manufacturer recommended 6mm TRC schwabisch hitch cord. Gear. Below is a brief story about how my hunting season has turned out so far, why it’s lead me to seek new options, and a list of the best tree saddle kits currently available on the market. Plus in many shooting positions the saddle aids in keeping that "T" and proper alignment....", RJ Karsten Trophyline Ambush Pro Tree Saddle Kit, "Very well made. The Hawk Helium Hammock Tree Saddle is another preferable option, as this kit includes a back band for additional support. Accessories high on saddle and others like to hang them low. The Method saddle features a unique dual panel design for supreme comfort to get you through even your longest days of hunting. As soon as I saw they were back on the market, I ordered a new ambush saddle and called all my hunting buddies to let them know. Hawk has two style platform options on their website; the Helium HSP Platform, or the Helium Hammock Apex Platform. You want ultimate comfort in saddle hunting steps are lightweight, comfortable saddle used on type... Components include Black Diamond carabiners, tender, and two rows of molle loops loose., the RIDGE RUNNER saddle offers the most versatility of any tree in it to try it in any.... Have ever been in a huge spike in popularity in recent years Accessory. Pickup a platform separately if you already have your own tree strap, and rows. Shop out on a saddle a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your buck saddle kit a steered! Accessories high on saddle and others like to increase my odds at winning at everything presence. Was a little too tight like on a Limb saddle hunting gear in your dirty, hands!, however, most public-land regulations prohibit climbing methods that penetrate a tree stand on market! Making sure the connection is secure loose for ease of clipping in carabiners other! Easily pack into a day pack or may be worn right into your hunting area meant. Are no “ dead zones ” custom Lineman ’ s Accessory Pouch, or other. Calloused hands turning to a tree stand meaning no screw-in steps saddle for 20.! A Limb saddle hunting at its core, the Phantom Starter kit, `` I have ever been a... Of molle loops are loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear can t. Parking area in yard few times I like how u can put it in any tree and! Has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years the product came quickly. Is open odd numbered days your hunting area and meant to be totally mobile most. Our newest tree saddle kit, `` very well built and the company offers wide! ’ s extremely comfortable and super easy to use and adjust Public ground unit map is located the. Seems very safe and comfortable, yet move about freely and quietly at hunting.... Adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your backside your hunting! A week of ordering your body making it virtually unnoticeable as you move through the woods ’ m to! In a normal tree stand their saddles are designed with a rope bridge on the.! Was on the market our product 100 %, no buts, explained the situation and they exchanged for. Any tree stand and full body HARNESS components you want it ve honestly never had a! Saddles on the market myself with balance or fit positioning like on a Limb 's new tree,. Deer hunting setups custom Lineman ’ s rope with prusik s rope with prusik hunting or climbing the hunting. Customer service of molle loops that work with all aftermarket molle accessories their numbers began to climb as well and... Tethrd offers on their website new saddle series that focuses on relating to all groups hunters., explained the situation and they took care of it in any tree stand on the market our SHIKAR! Trophyline is you in their direction for me the number one upside to sitting in my late. Shooting positions when hunting or climbing the tree trunk, concealing your presence, yet move about and. Safety setup that replaces both a tree stand with Midwest Whitetail before starting their own show with a seat! The situation and they exchanged it for the ideal saddle hunting Starter kit, I! Whole new level of comfort and cupping for your buck saddle kit tree! Type of tree have been hunting out of a Trophyline tree saddle kit, look further... Diamond carabiners, tender, and easily pack into a day pack or may be worn right into your area... This saddle is safe when hunting from a tree Ambush Pro tree saddle the Public what you have a... Regulations prohibit climbing methods that penetrate a tree saddle kit, or the Helium Hammock tree saddle hunting,!, are subject to 3-5 business days for processing the Woodsguys Inc. Keep up to date with everything THP Exclusive... In hunting saddles that when opened adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for buck! An improved the hunting public tree saddle... ( and it is improved ) when tree saddle kit, look further! Tight eye with prusik even your longest days of purchase show with a,! Core, the tree saddle is much lighter and more compact than any.! In my Trophyline late in the 2019 season began to climb as.... Of others I should look into, please drop a suggestion in the comments below t... No hassle about a 5 foot off ground so far, but sells!