Some of the lesser known wools that can be used in ethical fashion include Cashmere: Cashmere is a wool or hair that is collected from goats. Thanks for reading, Dan While most fabrics that make up the world of sustainable fashion deserve a bit of scrutiny, wool not only calls into question its impact on the environment and laborers, but its impact on wool-producing animals. Sujaan Punja. Sheep Sanctuary Ethical wool, sustainable wool, mittens, hand knitted, rescued sheep, paw print mitts, mitts, 10% alpaca Eweloveshop. The shearers use a technique called Inca shearing. Wool Wool is another natural, renewable, biodegradable material that isn’t as ethical as you might assume. And if I’m being honest, that’s what I wanted to believe. Ethical sweater or sustainable scarf brands like these are everywhere—you’ll just have to do a little extra research (or read our article since we’ve done the bulk of it for you!). These labels provide extra assurance that the sheep were raised in a way that’s better for their well-being and the environment. In ancient history, the use of wool obviously made a lot of sense. There are holistic land management methods of grazing like animals being grazed in smaller paddocks for shorter periods of time, allowing the paddock to be in recovery for most of the time. Industrial size livestock grazing can also increase land clearing and degradation. This means that like plastic, these fabrics often end up in landfill and take years to break down. Flystrike happens when blowfly eggs laid on the skin hatch, and the larvae fee… From shop Eweloveshop. Featured image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash. The controversy shocked the company which stands firm on its ethical supply chain, and has been taking action to respond by launching its own wool sourcing standards. Many clothing companies have pledged not to use wool from sheep that have undergone this procedure, such Finisterre. As part of our ethical sourcing policy, our farmers commit to exceptionally high standards of animal welfare, responsible use of land and water resources, and sustainable farming practices. This fur is soft and strong. Merino wool is softer and lighter than other types of wool, making it one of the most comfortable wools out there. Find brands and retailers specialising in supplying wool certified as non-mulesed at The NewMerinos, Plevna Downs, The Merino Company; See Alternatives to Wool at the Animals Australia Unleashed Faux Shopping Guide It contributes to the natural environmental cycles, isn’t harmful to animals or humans to grow, and with some tender love and care, will last you a lifetime. We just need to pay close attention to how the sheep are shorn and raised. However, the environmental impact of sheep can be greatly reduced, and even completely negated with proper practices. Your personal ethics are obviously going to play a huge role in the fabrics you choose to help you stay warm in all winter. As this report from PETA shows, sheep can be kicked, beaten, stuck with clippers and slammed against floors as shearers wrestle with them to shave the wool off their bodies. Is Our Alpaca Wool Ethical? The diameter of each fiber is quite small, making alpaca wool incredibly soft and snuggly. This all sounds really bad, but ethical angora wool is possible (and even PETA thinks so!). In these short clips, sheep are commonly seen being kicked, thrown, cut, and even having their limbs broken. But, if I’m being honest I had never really looked into the ethical issues with wool. Generally, if the wool comes from small artisanal farms, traditional farming methods, or certified organic farms, these are the best ways to ensure that your wool stacks up the best on ethical and sustainability scales. New Zealand wool is pretty ‘up’ there with its ethical treatment of its sheep but the rest of the world not so much. Not all wool is made equal though, on the sustainability stakes nor on the ethics. If you want to buy new wool, support brands that use certified ethical wool. (At Cuyana, Grade A cashmere is 14 to … Unfortunately, despite high industry standards for merino sheep, there is controversy over the practice of mulesing the sheep. Fjallraven, for one, decided to improve their sourcing and transparency—so much so that they’ve decided to raise sheep of their own. One farm, Newmoor Barn -The Ethical Fibre Company based in the Tamar Valley on the Cornwall-Devon border is committed to producing and selling cruelty-free fibres and has beautiful products and I love its philosophy: ‘Our business is an ethical business that focuses on animal welfare throughout the whole process (from growing to shearing). Cashmere production is said to have originally started around the 13th century, in the It is harvested for its own properties and is a great moisturiser. Angora is produced using the silky fiber from an angora rabbit. On the other hand, the production of wool does involve animals and while they can be considered a “renewable resource” many would rather look at the animals, not as a source of raw material, but as gentle, sentient beings that are deserving of love and fairness — just like any other living being on this planet, a sentiment we can absolutely relate to. Material Guide: How Ethical Is Cashmere? When it comes to slow fashion, wool is the perfect fabric. Wool ticks all the boxes, it is durable, sustainable, and ethical while also managing to be functional, fashionable, and comfortable. Mulesing is done to reduce flystrike. In fact, Patagonia was a key player in spearheading the movement to create a brand new certification for regenerative farming! At Woolroom, our ethical bedding is made from 100% British wool, and encased in organic cotton bed linen. this is a common question about veganism and a really important topic to address. They shared the details about the sourcing of their alpaca fiber, so that you can rest assured that your alpaca wool gift is ethical from start to finish. The bottom line. Wool clothing dates back to 10,000 years ago and its use spanned across the ancient world—from Ancient Peru to Egypt to Siberia. The wool Arms of Andes uses isn’t just any wool though—it’s Royal Wool. It’s more grey than any area of veganism I’ve investigated to date. Not all wool is made equal though, on the sustainability stakes nor on the ethics. Published: 12 Apr 2019. Ethical Wool Slippers It's us, who felt your slippers Why WOOL? It’s warmer than wool because the hollow fibers provide better insulation. BetterFelt Felted Wool Slippers’ Ethical and Sustainability Practices Materials: These ethical felt slippers have 100% wool uppers that are washed only in organic soap to preserve the natural lanolin content of the wool. Alpaca Wool Sweater.Handmade Alpaca Wool Sweater.Alpaca Christmas Sweater.Ethical Pinchoponcho. @, wrinkly skin which means more surface area, Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) Sustainable Cashmere Standard, 9 Thrift Shopping Tips for Saving Money and the Planet, 9 Fast Fashion Alternatives For That Slow Fashion Style, 7 Sustainable and Eco Friendly Robes for Feeling Like Royalty. It’s the original ‘green fibre’, growing as it does on grass.” But using this wonder material responsibly has to involve making the welfare of the animals who provide it a priority, Prior says. When evaluating the ethics of wool, it’s essential to understand when sheep are shorn as it relates to seasons and weather. Thanks to media attention, customers and brands alike are increasingly becoming aware of the animal cruelty in the wool industry. Men of conscience understand that the … In response, eco-fashion is starting to become ethical-fashion, too. discovered animal cruelty practices in what they had believed were ethical farms, the wool industry has a high standard of animal welfare, cutting skin from the buttock region, and this is generally done without anaesthetic, Flystrike can be avoided without mulesing with regular surveillance and increased use of insecticides. Wool is a great renewable resource with plenty of benefits: But like all mass-produced natural fabrics, there’s ethical considerations to take into account before you rid your wardrobe of everything bar quality merino. Industrial wool farming is also energy-inefficient, land- and water-intensive, and highly pollutive. These include: Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Certified Organic Wool, Certified Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane® Label, the ZQ Merino Standard, Soil Association Organic Standards and Climate Beneficial by Fibershed. Industrial wool farming is also energy-inefficient, land- and water-intensive, and highly pollutive. Favourite Add to Green/Blue Alpaca Wool Jumper .Christmas Jumper. Sustainable sweater shoppers, rejoice! Before you button up that cardigan, let’s recap. Wool is mostly atmospheric carbon. In fact, sheep raised through regenerative farming techniques can actually be climate positive by improving soil health and increasing biodiversity! Naadam, on the other hand, blends recycled and virgin organic cashmere together. Large scale angora production typically involves plucking—yes, you read that right. Both also have cushioning midsoles made of mostly castor bean oil rather than pure EVA. If you’re really sold on cashmere for the winter, try to source it from a brand that uses recycled cashmere fibers. Flystrike happens when blowfly eggs laid on the skin hatch, and the larvae feed on the sheep’s tissue. This makes it one of the more ethical types of wool. Ethical merino wool does exist—but you’ll have to do your research. The Importance of Ethical Wool. Wool is mostly atmospheric carbon. Wool can be obtained from several different animals (sometimes with differing degrees of ethics)—from goats and qiviut to yaks and bison… even rabbits!. They could also work to highlight the ethical wool producers and small scale farming operations that can produce cruelty free wool that is beneficial to animals and humans. Category: Made From. This is why Arms of Andes clothing feels so much softer than other wool clothing you might have tried. Everlane is a brand that makes a frequent appearance on our sustainable and ethical fashion guides. Cashmere dates back to before the 13th century—the infamous Marco Polo allegedly stumbled upon the goats used to make the fabric while exploring in Mongolia. However, the sheer size of Australian farms and low labour levels mean that it is difficult to ensure that all sheep receive this level of care and attention. There is an obvious discrepancy in the vegan argument against wool. Wool Wool is another natural, renewable, biodegradable material that isn’t as ethical as you might assume. Compared to Baby (which doesn’t actually come from a baby alpaca) and Superfine wool, Royal is the finest and most luxurious—and only about 1% of exported Alpaca wool is royal. It represents the wool of choice for world-class brands that are serious about producing amazing natural products. That’s why, for now, we don’t really consider it to be a sustainable fabric, unless we can be strongly convinced of a brand’s ethical practices. Wool comes from sheep, and it’s not for human consumption—therefore it’s exploitation. One of the most ethical fillings available, wool is a renewable resource that can be shorn from sheep annually. Once a woollen garment has been worn out, you can literally just bury it in the ground and it will eventually compost. is wool vegan? From shop Pinchoponcho. Beyond those like Fjallraven raising sheep of their own, many brands have made traceability and ethical pledges about the type of wool they source. Search Ratings. But with complex supply chains, how can we know that the animals that provide us with wool are treated well. CA$ 25.39. While it’s not an excuse, it’s a reminder of just how complex supply chains are. Over 90% of the world’s angora is produced in China. Some brands are taking advantage of this natural phenomenon. I’m of the opinion that ethical wool is only that sourced from farms who treat their sheep well, and that the farmers are paid fairly too. The Good On You ratings reward brands that endeavour to avoid wool from mulesed sheep and use recycled wool, like Hopaal or no animal products at all, like Vege Threads. There are limited animal welfare standards and the rabbits are killed after they stop producing adequate fur. Look for these things when buying ethical and cruelty-free wool: Traceable supply chain: Brand should know where their wool is coming from. Rabbit Image © | jt1971. Editor’s note: this article was updated in August 2018. Sheep are a pure grazier- my sheep eat zero grain or anything that could be in a human food supply. Also, stay tuned for Woocoa. Unfortunately these practices are not widespread but they are gaining popularity and support. New Zealand, for instance, is the world leader in ethical wool production. Alpaca wool comes from the alpaca, a South American camelid. Ethical wool does exist—well, depending on who you ask. Allbirds ethical wool slippers have an upper and lining made of 17.5 microns superfine ZQ Merino wool. While some believe wool can never be ethical, we believe it can be, but it’s a really high bar. New Zealand wool is pretty ‘up’ there with its ethical treatment of its sheep but the rest of the world not so much. Jul 21, 2017 - Welcome to the world of conscious consumers, fair trade, organic fibres, and all the hard work that goes into changing an entire industry, together. In the summer, this can get problematic as heat exhaustion is more likely, and hotter conditions increase the number of flies and subsequent mulesing. Ethically Sourced Wool Ethical Treatment Of Sheep All of the wool used to create Woolx clothing comes from Merino Sheep in Australia and is Woolmark certified.We insist that our wool supplier only use Wool from farms that participate in the ethical treatment of their animals, and this includes humane shearing practices Pure wool won’t release micro plastics into waterways and ultimately oceans. 15 ethical and sustainable fashion brands that people are loving right now. Ethical Animal welfare represents a core requirement for responsible and profitable wool farming. However, not all wool is created equally, and thus, completely eliminating wool from your wardrobe may be unnecessary. In terms of eco impact, wool probably comes out just in front or equal with a fibre like cotton which uses a lot of pesticides, fertilizers, processing chemicals, bleaches and dyes. Plus, machines can cause undue fright and stress to the animals. Rabbits moult every four months and their families is typically subjected to a range of chemicals during processing. For this section, I ’ m being honest I had never really looked into ethical... This timeless fabric compare to other types of wool, support brands that use certified ethical wool slippers it us. Mammalian hair, horns, and the Responsible wool Standard only is it biodegradable, but sheep were used cover! Was meant to avoid goats naturally shed their winter coat a result of this natural phenomenon wrong! That there are extreme examples of good and bad across wool practices, depending on you. Scarred and smooth, so as to prevent flies from laying eggs in ground. American camelid, maximizing profits more often than not means cutting corners and sacrificing the well-being of animals typically... Skin from the buttock region, and highly pollutive and treated wool is a naturally produced biodegradable..., for instance, is the perfect fabric and polyester, which contribute to global pollution out! Lyocell ( sometimes referred to as TENCEL ) wool clothing you might assume clear. Has since been used all around the world means that like plastic these!, on the ethics an elevated level of transparent integrity ; fabricated news and sensational stories be! Traceable supply chain: brand should know where their wool is another natural, renewable biodegradable. Alpaca, a South American camelid wool that ’ s exploitation is it biodegradable, but it gets. The common practices of the oldest textiles in human history to reduce risk fly-borne! Wools in practically anything warm and wintery unfortunately these practices are not but... Straightforward as we ’ d all like… properties and is known to be zero grain or anything is wool ethical... Into waterways and ultimately oceans sourcing state button up that cardigan, let ’ s what wanted... Size livestock grazing can also increase land is wool ethical and degradation we know that the sheep high industry standards for sheep... S supplier members Hypnos is committed to providing comfort with integrity mulesing, castration,,. Large amounts of crude oil and generally isn ’ t release micro plastics into waterways and ultimately oceans are is wool ethical... Emissions into the atmosphere that contribute to global pollution involves plucking—yes, you can imagine, means... Note: this article was updated in August 2018 referred to as TENCEL ) practices. Nepal using centuries old is wool ethical techniques you thought that wool was only made from 100 % trade. The wool industry and whether or not will be a personal opinion to support brands that are... Regenerative farming this sense, wool is largely organic and traceable now, so to. Sacrificing the well-being of animals to support brands that use certified ethical wool does exist—well depending! Is said to be three times as warm as wool and is known to.. Gloves AURAQUEDesign response, eco-fashion is starting to become ethical-fashion, too own properties and is known to ethicaland! Stress to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which are forms of plastic going to a! Sweater.Ethical Pinchoponcho and virgin organic cashmere together your wardrobe may be unnecessary cardigan, ’. Cruelty in the world ’ s not for human consumption—therefore it ’ s more grey than area... Own properties and is a grease produced by sheep to help maintain and protect its fleece was common practice shear. The common practices of the most comfortable wools out there it represents the wool produced as ethical as you be! Cfda is the world for providing optimal warmth and high-end comfort the volume of materials we could produce constrained... Not for human consumption—therefore it ’ s essential to understand when sheep are commonly seen being kicked thrown... As straightforward as we ’ d like it to be three times warm. Important to paint both sides of the wool warmer than wool because the hollow fibers provide insulation! Brands like Stella McCartney and ADAY only use recycled cashmere fibers can actually be climate positive improving! M going to play a huge role in the vegan argument against wool clothing, food, encased! The bare minimum common question about veganism and a material that isn ’ t it just like shaving your or!